Digital Commonwealth

This is the first dispatch from the Digital Commonwealth training sessions where I’ll be learning how to use blogging, audio & video production and social media to tell stories. 

So far we’ve shared stories with others in the group, watched a couple of excellent videos (from blogging about your school dinners to live-tweeting a cricket match), set up new WordPress blogs and folk are now typing away on their first posts.

We’ve set up a separate blog for Lambhill Stables and the plan is to use the skills we’ve learned at these workshops to get more and more people involved in the online side of things. The Silver Surfers group has been running for a month now and people have been giving us really positive feedback about their experiences with the technology. First experiences with Facebook have gone down a storm, with one photo provoking a stream of comments from people across the world saying hello. Francis from Ireland enjoyed using Google Street View to look at villages and towns back home, while many other participants have been brushing up on photo editing and storage thanks to the expertise of Sam, the mastermind behind the Lambhill Stables Photography Club.

Later on today we’ll be updating our blogs with photos and videos, and further on we’ll be sharing the things we create in the other workshops here.