Much as I enjoy cooking I sometimes find actually working in a kitchen to be stressful and hellish. However, some days make all the long days and the smell of fryers and the burnt fingers worthwhile – like today when a plate came back with “Awesome” written on it in brown sauce. Kind and noble mystery diner of Glasgow, I salute you!


2 thoughts on “Awesome!

    • A pleasure – always good to know fellow cyclists!

      It was such a cool idea of them to do it, and I was having a really bad night as well – a guy had just sent back a plate of nachos to be heated up and I was simultaneously trying to work out how to reheat a plate of soggy crisps and cheese while despairing at the fussiness of the average Glasgow diner, and then this appeared! Totally restored my faith in the restaurant-going public. I’m definitely going to do it as well next time I have a great meal. Maybe this is the beginning of a worldwide AWESOME brown sauce movement!

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